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Rue Van Eyck, 22

About us :

  • Company created in 1993
  • Specialised in the installation and support of Windows and Linux networks
  • Official Acer, Allied Telesis, HP and Microsoft resellers

Services :

We are situated in Brussels.

We can provide support and troubleshooting for your new or existing computer systems, operating systems, networks.

We visit your business and determine your exact hardware needs. We then custom build computer systems to those specifications, test them, configure them with software, and install the systems at your location. 

CCP also proposes different types of maintenance contracts for the optimisation of Company IT systems.

1) Contract type “Swap” : the aim of which is to offer a discontinued maintenance service for all IT;
2) Contract type “Coaching” : the aim of which is to offer a permanent follow-up by a competent computer technician for the company depending on the needs required;
3) Made to measure contracts that are based on the specific needs of the client.
4) Remote assistance

Contact us :

Phone : + 32 2 646 93 72
Fax : +32 2 646 74 62
Email : 

Offices :
16 rue de Crayer
1000 Brussels

Deliveries :
22 rue Van Eyck
1000 Brussels

Map :